South Manchester Radiology

South Manchester Radiology is managed and led by Dr Rizwan Malik.
Under his guidance the company offers experienced assistance in the following services:

Medical and HealthIT Consultancy – available to Industry and NHS

Pragmatic advice on creating fit for purpose solutions

Medical Advisory Engagement - Supporting development of strategic vision and objectives

Radiology Reporting including Medicolegal Report writing

Establishing Community Imaging Services with image management experience.

Since 1993

South Manchester Radiology

Medical Advisory

Wellbeing Software Solutions June 2017 – Dec 2018

Strategic Advisor providing CCIO Leadership and Consultancy Services to a range of Industry & Healthcare Organisations.

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Health Informatics

PACS Lead for Royal Bolton NHS Foundation Trust: Feb 2015 - Mar 2020

Associate Chief Clinical Informatics Officer RBH: April 2015 (ongoing)

Clinical Technical Lead for Greater Manchester Collaborative Imaging Project (ongoing)

Chair of the Greater Manchester Technical Workstream (ongoing)

Informatics Lead for UKRCO : Sept 2017 - 2019

Vice President Industry Liaison for UKIO: Sept 2019 (ongoing)

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Clinical Leadership & Services

Clinical Lead SMR Community Ultrasound Service Oct 2008 – Dec 2013

Mediocolegal Report Writing since 2014

Lead Chest Radiologist 2007 – 2011

Clinical Lead for Radiology at the invitation of the Medical and Divisional Directors Nov 2011 – Feb 2015

Divisional Lead for Governance at the invitation of Head of Division and Divisional Director of Operations Feb 2015 - Mar 2020

Divisional Medical Director at the invitation of Trust Medical Director and Divisional Director of Operations Mar 2020 (ongoing)

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Dr Amar Ahmed

Dr Amar Ahmed

Wilmslow Health Centre

"Dr Malik’s exceptional clinical skills together with his in-depth knowledge of healthcare systems in the UK allow him a unique position to innovate and recognise key areas of development for the NHS of the future...."

Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith

Wellbeing Software

"Dr Malik worked closely with the product team at Wellbeing Software to guide and inform our Radiology product strategy and future vision. His wide clinical experience and industry knowledge, delivered in personable manner was insightful. It provided a valuable external checkpoint and helped steer both strategic direction and also detailed production functionality."

Patient Feedback

Patient Feedback

South Manchester Radiology

"Very calm manner by both staff so put me at my ease. Clear information given. Excellent. Thank you."

Barco Healthcare

Barco Healthcare

VP CareConsultation

Dr. Malik worked very closely with Barco Healthcare on a whitepaper that outlines the ideal MDT software solution. He is a respected physician and an astute technologist who can quickly identify problems in healthcare workflows and come up with ideas on how to solve them. His insight and recommendations are an asset to any product team working on challenges plaguing the modern healthcare institutions. I look forward to continued collaboration with Dr. Malik in the future!


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