Dr Rizwan Malik speaks to the BBC about the use of AI in the fight against COVID-19


Dr Rizwan Malik explains to the Bolton News how Royal Bolton Hospital is using artificial intelligence (AI) alongside chest X-rays to diagnose and monitor covid-19 infections.

Alexis May meets Dr Rizwan Malik to discuss Bolton’s partnerships with Qure.ai to develop and deploy a COVID-19 detection tool. Dr Malik shares his experience of deployment so far, as well offering advice for others looking to implement AI solutions.


Forbes Review

“This technology provides clinicians with quantitative data on the progression of COVID-19 and will help them to make fast, more informed, evidence-based decisions about the people they are treating. Let’s be clear, this extra layer of information isn’t going to replace clinicians and autonomously make decisions on treatment, but it will act as another valuable member of the team.” Dr Rizwan Malik on the deployment of qXR-COVID solution at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust.

Dr. James Somauroo on how, facing a global pandemic, large healthcare organizations such as NHS have fast-tracked the adoption of innovative technologies.


Forbes PodcastForbes Podcast:

“Is this the foot in the door that AI needs to get adopted across healthcare systems?” Exploring the Qure.AI engagement with Bolton NHS Foundation Trust


MIT ReviewMIT Tech Review

This article looks at how the pandemic has accelerated AI uptake in Health care. Karen Hao the senior AI Reporter at MIT Technology Review speaks to Dr Rizwan Malik about their recent deployment of Qure AI at Royal Bolton Hospital

AI Tools have arrived. https://www.technologyreview.com/2020/04/23/1000410/ai-triage-covid-19-patients-health-care/

Radiology Reporting: Can AI Really be the Panacea:

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Rise Of The Robots presentation

AIMed Podcast with Zebra Medical Vision
AJ at AIMed brought together Rizwan Malik and Eldad Elnekave together to talk all things AI and medical imaging in the build up to RSNA.

Royal College Radiologists Annual Scientific Meeting Sept 2017

Dr Rizwan Malik delivers a presentation on PACS replacements and what radiologists need to specify for this. His main points cover some of the background behind the PACS system, advice and tips to change your system, technical considerations and feature requirements.

This lecture was filmed at ACC Liverpool for the event 'RCR17' on the 11th September 2017.

Aunt Minnie Europe

PACS upgrades can be a rocky road – Aunt Minnie Europe Sept 2017

There should be no like-for-like replacements but a new approach to image exchange and archiving, noted Dr. Rizwan Malik, a consultant radiologist at the Bolton National Health Service (NHS) Foundation Trust in the U.K. He provided tips and guidance during the opening day of the Royal College of Radiologists' (RCR) annual scientific meeting, which takes place in Liverpool from 11 to 13 September.

Clinisys AGM Presentation Jun 2018

Radiology Experiences of a Single Shared RIS – Clinisys AGM Presentation Jun 2018

RADMagazine Special Feature Jan 2019

PACS – What Radiologists need to consider – RADMagazine Special Feature Jan 2019

WHITE PAPER – Reclaiming time and space from the MDT Black Hole:

Co-authored with Barco Health – Jan 2019