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Wellbeing Software

“Dr Malik worked closely with the Products team at Wellbeing Software to guide and inform our Radiology product strategy and future vision.  His wide clinical experience and industry knowledge, delivered In personable manor was very insightful. It provided a valuable external checkpoint and helped steer both strategic direction and also detailed product functionality.“

Matthew Smith
Product Director

Barco Healthcare

Dr. Malik worked very closely with Barco Healthcare on a whitepaper that outlines the ideal MDT software solution.  He is a respected physician and an astute technologist who can quickly identify problems in healthcare workflows and come up with ideas on how to solve them.  His insight and recommendations are an asset to any product team working on challenges plaguing the modern healthcare institutions.  I look forward to continuedcollaboration with Dr. Malik in the future!


Anish Patankar
VP CareConsultation
Barco Healthcare

Wilmslow Health Centre

I’ve known Dr Rizwan Malik for over 30 years and was fortunate enough to enter into a joint

venture with him just over a decade ago. In 2008, Rizwan had the foresight to recognise the potential impact of community-based diagnostics on the delivery of primary care.

He set up and  ran South Manchester Radiology which was one of the first organisations in the UK to deliver ultrasound scans in the community.

South Manchester Radiology revolutionised the delivery of primary care allowing GPs rapid access to high quality scans and reports. Wait times for scans in our area dropped from six weeks to six days for routine scans and urgent scans were quite often delivered and reported within a day.

Dr Malik’s exceptional clinical skills together with his in depth knowledge of healthcare systems in the UK allow him a unique position to innovate and recognise key areas of development for the NHS of the future...


Dr Amar Ahmed
Managing Partner

CTO | Head of IT

Dr Malik has a wonderful ability to view both the clinical and technology aspects of clinical workflow.  This perspective allows a 'deep dive' of complex scenarios and technical challenges.  Everthing he helps design or analyse is always patient centric.


Brett Walmsley
CTO | Head of IT
Royal Bolton Hospital

Patient Feedback

I was extremely impressed with this service. My GP asked me to express their satisfaction also with the speed of the results.

 A welcome change – professional, timely – good to have a late option available.

 At last a service that means you do not need time off for a visit to a doctor.

 Very impressed how quick it was to get an appointment.

 It was all excellent, and I was really pleased that the doctor explained the results straight away, instead of waiting for my GP to explain the next day. Thank you very much.

 What an absolute joy – coming at a time suitable time in my own Doctors surgery. Both staff had excellent manners. Explained everything – what a wonderful experience.

 I had no wait and a Saturday service is very useful and fits well with my work and family commitments.

 Very speedy, friendly, reassuring and professional.

 Very prompt appointment, useful to come in the evening, very reassuring outcome.

 The nurse was ever so nice. The Doctor was very confident and clear and reassuring.

 Very calm manner by both staff so put me at my ease. Clear information given. Excellent. Thank you.

 Very good service, kind, caring staff, seen very quickly, can’t fault it!